Month: August 2016

You’re NOT Cooking With Gas

Lovely friends.  A new job for me meant a long absence from you.  I’ve missed you!  Also prolonging my absence has been the fact that my apartment building has an issue with irregular gas pipes and Con Edison has turned off access.  I’ve not had a working stove for a few months.  Sacrebleu!  What to do?  Armed with a toaster and with the microwave in heavy rotation I’ve subsisted on leftovers and toasts in varying degrees.  Don’t feel too bad for me friends.  New York City is one of the greatest spots to live off of leftovers and I am far from suffering.  That said, NYC rents don’t come cheap and cooking at home is a great way to save some dough.  So as I mentioned, toast has been my go-to.  It’s easy, cheap and infinitely customizable.  I’ve eaten cheese toast, and strawberry jam toast, and of course delicious, luxurious avocado toast.  But friends.  Oh friends.  Would you believe that you can up the luxury factor and have it be vegan?

When I think of luxury foods I think of caviar.  And Iberico ham.  And Kobe beef.  And when I think of seared foie gras, I begin to salivate.  Hold up, wait a minute…  I said vegan didn’t I?  Yes I did, and you can hold me to it, for I have discovered Faux Gras!

Faux Gras is a spread that is created in Brooklyn by Ella Nemcova.  She believes that vegan food doesn’t have to “taste like it’s good for you” and was driven to create vegan products that are unctuous and luxurious.  Boy did she deliver.  I’ve been eating Faux Gras on toast for the past few days, and I’m loving every bite.  I’ve been pairing the toast with yellow sun-ripened cherry tomatoes.  And of course a small drizzle of truffle oil never hurt anyone.  I hope you won’t begrudge me this decadent touch.  I’ve been without a stove for a long time!  I think you will really enjoy Faux Gras friends.  It’s something that only feels like it’s bad for you.  Indulge!