I am a foodie. A lover of food. Cooking it and eating it. Looking at beautiful pictures of it and travelling to far off places to get it. I am the original, the one and only Fatty Bombli. No, I won’t tell you what it means. After a proclamation like that I am forced to backpedal and tell you that on the scale of adventurous eaters I am more in the middle of the curve. I don’t usually like organ meat… you know… liver, kidney etc. I would be squeamish to try different game as well. I am not an extremist but what I love, I love deeply and truly and completely. On this site I hope to have recipes, musings and fun food discoveries to tell you about.  I sincerely hope you enjoy it.



  1. Makes me happy reading this as well as your blogs, your words come to life and jump out with such verve, surely one could not help but want to join you as you sample or prepare your next meal. Keep on Blogging my lovely.xo

  2. Dani, Love, love, love your blog! Not only delightful but has recipes that I can’t wait to try, like the Sicilian Cauliflower. You keep writing, girl! — The Godmother

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