The One ingredient non-recipe

Can there really be such thing as a one-ingredient recipe?  I am inclined to think not and so this is the first non-recipe that I’m posting.

In you’re a Pinterest addict like me, no doubt you’ve seen it… the recipe for one-ingredient ice cream.  A misnomer actually, because this recipe contains no cream.  You can search for it using hashtags like #kidfriendly, #paleo, #vegan, #nodairy etc.  I would categorize it as #HolyCowThat’sSoCool!  The moment I saw this recipe I was intrigued and knew I’d have to try it.  After all, it requires bananas and well, nothing.  As Gwen Stefani would say… c’mon, we all know what Gwen Stefani would say right?

The bananas I got from work.  There were two whole bunches sitting there on Friday evening, and they were slated to be tossed in the trash by the cleaning crew to make way for new green bananas on Monday.  I rescued the spotted darlings from their wasteful fate.

An important step in this recipe is peeling and chopping the bananas before freezing them.  Luckily I followed this tip, and so was spared the dilemma of trying to figure out how to peel a frozen banana.  The next step is to chop the bananas.  Coins, cubes… it doesn’t matter.  Just chop those bananas.  Then freeze those bananas.  If you’d like to place each banana coin gingerly on a piece of waxed paper to keep them separated, you may.  Feel free.  If you’d like to plop them all mixed up in a bowl and chuck it into the freezer, you’d be taking a page out of my book.  The last step is to toss the frozen bananas chunks into your food processor fitted with a steel blade and blitz away.  Process the bananas until they’re creamy… about the consistency of soft serve.

That is all there is to it.  I tried this recipe because I love bananas.  You could try it because it’s a super healthy treat that’ll easily replace full fat ice cream.  You could try it because you don’t believe that last sentence.  That said, being obviously low in calories you can load on the fixin’s.

Drizzle, hell, douse with chocolate syrup.  (Dark chocolate syrup works well.)  Add some crunch with granola.  Keep it low-cal with a dash of ground cinnamon or freshly grated orange zest.  Sprinkle on some coconut, ooh, or pretzel pieces.  If I were serving it to Elvis Presley I might toss in some bacon pieces… oh, oh, or candied bacon pieces!  Maybe when you’re blending the bananas you could throw in some frozen strawberries too.  Or Nutella, or peanut butter.  OMG, peanut butter cookies with banana ice cream sandwiched between ‘em!  Oh, I’m starting to get light-headed with all the possibilities you guys.

Here is a quick pic, but there are much better ones on the World Wide Web.  The best view of all though, will be when you make this for yourself in your very own kitchen.



Banana Ice Cream

1.  Peel those bananas
2.  Chop those bananas
3.  Freeze those bananas
4.  Blitz those bananas (in a food processor fitted with a steel blade)
5.  Eat those bananas!  yum